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Do You Have a Bad Boss? Here's What to Look For. (Infog…

Whether they are taking credit for your work or promoting the wrong people — having a bad boss can make going to work miserable.

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A recent study by BambooHR, which surveyed more than 1,000 employees across the U.S., uncovered the top reasons workers don’t like their bosses. And for most, the biggest boss no-no is when they take credit for work that isn’t theirs. Lack of trust and empowerment, overworking employees and promoting the wrong people are also among the top bad behaviors of bosses.

Of all participants, a whopping 44 percent say the primary reason they left a job was because of a bad boss. And of the 44 percent, a boss’s inappropriate behavior was the main factor that drove them out the door. Other management-related issues that push employees to leave are management style, a condescending attitude and a bad temper.

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However, bosses shouldn’t be overly friendly with their employees. In fact, on average, 64 percent of respondents said it’s OK for their boss to decline an employee’s friend request on social media. And 54 percent also say that it’s acceptable for a boss not to spend time with workers outside of the office.

Do you have a bad boss? Check out BambooHR’s infographic below to learn more.

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